Lotto Pick 3 is a lottery game run in the United States on a state by state basis. Lotto Pick 3 is played in the states (2 draws per day, typically midday and evening ) of: Arizona, California , Connecticut , Delaware , Florida , Georgia , Idaho, Illinois , Indiana , Iowa , Kansas, Kentucky , Louisiana, Tri-State (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont) , Maryland , Michigan , Minnesota, Missouri , Nebraska, New Jersey , New Mexico, New York , North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania , South Carolina , Tennessee , Texas , Virginia , Washington, Washington, D.C. , West Virginia, Wisconsin, and the territory of Puerto Rico. Play Lotto Pick 3 Online There are multiple lottery sites available that provide alternatives for online casino lottery playing. These sites provide access to the world’s lottery games, including Lotto Pick 3 over the internet. They contract couriers within the jurisdiction of every game they service, and the couriers act as your “feet on the street” as they play each game. If you reside in an area that does not have a daily Lotto Pick 3 game or are unable to access a retailer locally, you may visit these sites and play online. Lotto Pick 3 Basics At the basic level, the Lotto Pick 3 game comprises of 3 digits each pulled from numbers that are marked 0 to 9. Take for instance 146: there are 10 possible numbers for the First digit, 10 others for the Second digit and 10 more for the Third digit. That makes 1000 possible Lotto Pick 3 lottery combinations as 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000. There are 3 different ways of identifying the various groups of numbers within these combinations: 6 Way Number (Combo, Unique, Standard Number) There are 3 unique digits in each column, as in the example 146. This is referred to as the 6-way because it can appear as 146, 164, 461, 416, 641, 614. This type of number can be played as: Box – One bet covers all the 6 possible ways the number can come up. Straight – One bet covers an exact match for one of the 6 possible combinations. 3 Way Number (A Double Number) Two of the digits are the same, while the third is different (Also known as a “Double Number”). An example would be 144. It is called the 3-way because it can appear as 144, 441, and 414. This type of number can be played as Box – One bet covers all the 3 possible ways the number can come up, or Straight – One bet covers an exact match for one of the 3 possible combinations. 1 Way Number (A Triple Number) All three digits are the same. An example would be 444, which obviously only plays Straight. Want more insight to assist you when choosing your numbers? Try the LottoPick3 Mathematical Analysis program. Click Here.